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Alexis Smith CEO
Windsor Hills, MD, US
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About Us

Get The Bag Boutique made an entrant in the fashion community in April 2019 and is Maryland’s leading apparel and lifestyle brand for women of all ages and social backgrounds. We are renowned for our same day delivery service throughout the Baltimore City and County areas, which earned us the title of the fastest delivery service in the region. We also deliver our items by mail to states all over the country. Though we have not moved world-wide as of yet women of all ethnicities across the United States enjoy our latest fashions and styles. As a new Maryland based online boutique, we sell collections for women. We are online only and do not have brick and mortar location which helps keep competitive prices for our customers to enjoy. We are a new phenomenon in our region with hopes of growing swiftly on social media platforms forms such is Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. As of recently we have underneath of 2,500 followers on Instagram. The goal is to double that number by the end of 2021.


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